Movie Review: 40 Days and 40 Nights

“You’re going to piss off the seeds, man! It goes against science. Are you going to want to be the guy that pisses off science?”

This one is the tail-end successor to the era of 90s comedy. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex! Given that it also revolves around Lent and (well, you can guess what has to be given up), it also caught a bit of controversy in its day from everyone’s dearest friend: the Catholic Church. You may think the FCC would scream bloody murder, but go vulgar on the High Holy Holidays? Lawdy, lawdy, look at the feathers fly.

More to the point, our guide through this rambunctious and raucous look at San Francisco is former 90s heartthrob Josh Hartnett, best known for his role in Black Hawk Down…and yes, I can say that with a straight face, thank you very much. Fortunately, he is joined by Shannyn Sossamon, the lovely and talented love interest from the equally ridiculous Knight’s Tale. Poor Mr. Hartnett gives up sex for Lent in an effort to have successful relationships with women again, after he gets dumped and gets more than a little obsessed with his ex.

It’s funny, if definitively low-brow in the majority of its exploits. Its humor is inherently linked to seeing how naughty it can get—and that is indeed the point, because this movie does get incredibly dirty, pushing the bounds of the term even without any of the side-flashed nudity we traditionally equate with Hollywood’s vision of sexuality. At other times, though—incredibly overt. Case and point: swimming over a sea of breasts in a dream, or blowing flower petals down into a very, very delightfully excited Sossamon’s…well, “special happy fun area.” No man honestly has the will power Hartnett displayed through that one, though.

Nothing else about the movie will particularly leap off the screen at you, though. The dialogue is entertaining and the movie has its moments, but there are funnier movies, and while this may top the charts on the dirty scale, it’s not likely going to fill your head with unforgettable lines, and it won’t keep you laughing much past the movie itself. There’s certainly no substance to it—if you’re looking for something more than a comedy, or for something deeply insightful into the romantic scene, you’re going to have to head to higher ground.

But if you’re looking for something without any investment required, and you’re looking for a few quick laughs, this one should do the trick.

Rating 2.5 out of 5 Stars

~ by Chris G. on April 5, 2010.

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