New Alan Wake Trailer

The gaming community is all in a tizzie over a new trailer recently released to Youtube and Xbox Live. No, it’s nothing controversial—unless you consider development hell to be controversial. If your guess is for the new Duke Nukem, you’re close, but I’m going to have to reference you to the reviewing expertise of Yahtzee for the that one, take you sweetly by the hand, and politely remind you that nothing anyone could ever have to say about that one would ever get a rise out of any right-minded soul these days.

What’s causing the stir is the latest trailer for the much-anticipated Alan Wake. Or I should say, the much delayed Alan Wake. It was anticipated when the Xbox 360 and the Ps3 were first tumbling out onto the stage. Now we all just pat them on the head when they mention it and say, “Of course it will come out.”

Regardless, the trailer showcases everything the community has been waiting years to see: gameplay, story, and (Holy Christ!) a release date. Rumors have swirled about this one since its inception, but this latest trailer provides the first solid look at Alan Wake’s gameplay yet. Have a look:

From what I can see, it looks good. Even pretty. Maybe witty. But I’m inclined to say it had better, after taking so bloody long to produce. A quote near the end pretty well sums it up: “After years of development, the result is a heart-pounding single player thrill ride.”  I say: “Pretty trailer. I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Nevertheless May is this one’s supposed debut moment. So if we take them at their word, angsty writers, shadowy monsters, and what appears to be overwhelmed military folks are just a month away! Let’s just hope it doesn’t become another Alone in the Dark, because it looks all-too-easy to do. I couldn’t take another one of those. I like games with plot. And action. And, you know, something remotely interesting about them.

Also: I know you drew inspiration from Stephen King, oh Alan Wake—I just really hope you didn’t let him do any of your actual scripting.

~ by Chris G. on April 13, 2010.

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