Gears of War 3 Announced

Just a couple days past, bros the world over rejoiced at the latest gaming announcement: Gears of War 3 is on its way!…in a year. Here’s the announcement trailer, “Ashes to Ashes”:

So what can we expect?

From what I can tell, it looks like Anya—the Gears’ sassy adviser—has traded her pencil skirt for a Lancer and a hefty piece of the action (because who else could the blond woman be? It’s not like Gears is known for its high feminine presence). So are we adding a badass female member to the playable cast? One can only hope, though I can’t see it making the series any more accessible to the majority of female gamers.

Then there’s the ending monster bull-rush. I think I think we’ve got a new alien race making their debut, and they don’t look happy to play nice with anybody—Human and Locust alike. It is a predictable course, I suppose, and one I had expected for the second game. After all, once you’ve had muscled humans wailing on muscled aliens for a few hours straight, what do you have left but to introduce a new sort of muscled alien?

Prediction: Since this is the “final” one (and I’ll put as much belief in that as I did in a “final” Halo), and all the poor humans have been driven to near extinction, I think it is only natural that we will somehow pull a big one on the Locust and the newcomers, beat them all to a fine but bloody pulp, regain everything we’ve lost (after dealing with a traitorous human inside the government of course), and rejoice in a happier humanity in a reclaimed world. Oh, and of course, we’ll fully learn how the Locust were actually a secret government experiment and it’s all our own faults.

Maybe this time they’ll actually give you some concrete info on Markus’s father (despite having spent the entire second game looking for it). I wouldn’t hold my breath on it, though.

~ by Chris G. on April 15, 2010.

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