James Bond Laid Off

"Good evening, Mr. Bond."

If ever you wanted proof  of the present economic woes, you need look no further than EON Production’s recent announcement. I’m

sad to say, ladies and gents, that the 23rd Bond movie has been put on indefinite hold. Looks like James’s martinis aren’t the only things getting the shakedown.

The issue here is MGM studios, which is currently undergoing some rather intense financial difficulties at the moment. I.E. Loitering around bankruptcy’s door. Curiously, this hasn’t yet affected production on Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit, though. I suppose that’s good news for the Tolkien fans at least—if a badass Guillermo del Toro Smaug dragon were halted due to monetary troubles, there would likely be some sort of revolt.

Depending on when (if ever) the Bond franchise gets the wheels rolling again, this could mean, at the least, an end to Daniel Craig’s brief stint as everyone’s favorite secret agent.

~ by Chris G. on April 20, 2010.

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