Halo Fans “Reach” for the Stars

Excuse the pun. Today, however, is a bright day for Halo fans—the day that Halo: Reach enters into beta, and fans run squealing to the internet for more Spartan-on-Spartan action, supposing they are amongst the lucky number with authorization codes for the splatterfest.

The upcoming game has been heavily hyped for months on end—almost, in fact, since the supposedly final game in the series (and we all knew that would never happen) was sliding onto store shelves. This new (and, once again, supposedly last) game in the Halo series is set to embrace that which has made the franchise famous: multiplayer. Squad-based combat is the name of the game this time around, in contrast to the one-man army stylings of Master Chief. Sure you’re still a “Spartan,” but now, you’re a team of badasses, rather than one AI-toting badass.

New gimmicks include the time-buying armor lock and the sure-to-be-popular jetpack. They certainly allow some new take on strategy…or rather, mildly alter the mass beat down, as I nearly forgot this was Halo, so “strategy” is not a word I should use. A host of delightful new weapons have also been added to the fray, including a devastating Covenant Plasma Launcher, designed to be a very efficient response to the classic rocket launcher.

Despite this, combat remains classic Halo. Some people shoot. Lots of people chuck grenades. Bodies fly all over the place. The “level-up” system remains much the same as well, as you work your way up through the military rankings—though after each match players can earn some credits to allow them to upgrade their Spartan armor.

Several new multiplayer modes are set to release with this latest envisioning. For beta testers, three different rotations are going to be set up for players to jump into, each including a variety of match types both old and new. Some of the new includes headhunter, wherein every dead guy drops a skull, and your job is to rack up as many skulls as possible—but the more you’ve got, the larger the target you’re painting on your back.  A fourth rotation on May 7 will boast large-scale Spartan vs. Elite matches that will cap off with the introduction of the “Generator Defense” twist into the battles on May 14.

Concept shot

But that’s the thing. For all you potential beta testers out there, you had better enjoy the experience while it lasts, because this one’s going fast. Though the beta just began today, this phase at least is only going to run until May 19, giving everyone less than a month to get their space jollies out.

Will this one really mark the end of Halo’s brand of space marine, though? It remains to be seen, but I think it’s safe to say that will never happen. As long as there’s still money to be milked out of this franchise, Microsoft and Bungie are going to keep doing it—and with a shiny addition like this into the fold, Halo fans are undoubtedly going to be slavering for more.

~ by Chris G. on May 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Halo Fans “Reach” for the Stars”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I confess I have absolutely no idea about video games, all I know is that my ex fiance loved Heroes and once built two cities (an oriental and a medieval one) for me there :-)… Your blog brought back thousands of memories… Thank you for stopping by mine. Glad you liked the music.

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