Another terrible idea from The Asylum…

This time, the Iceberg means business.

It’s fair to say there’s a lot of bad movies out there. Tons. Heaps and heaps of terrible movies made with thankfully few shots at the big screen.

The production company known as The Asylum has excelled at this particular art for many long years now, and they’re about to continue the trend with perhaps one of the tackiest bits of filming to hit the high seas. No, it’s not Pirates 3, or Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (Disney can handle that mess on their own), but it’s up there. The Asylum is most famed for making cheap rip-offs of Hollywood hits, including the “please-oh-please gouge my eyes out” misery fests known as Mega Fault and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

But now, the Asylum has decided to take its shot at the second-largest-grossing film of all time. And I think the only question is: What took them so long? Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, Titanic 2.

The plot, you ask? Well here you go goodly readers:

On the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a modern luxury liner christened “Titanic 2,” follows the path of its namesake. But when a tsunami hurls an ice berg into the new ship’s path, the passengers and crew must fight to avoid a similar fate.

What do you think—too soon? Either way, this one’s coming to you, direct-to-DVD and via the Netflix, on August 24. Start planning for other things to occupy your time with now.

~ by Chris G. on May 11, 2010.

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