Quartermain lives again!

From Connery...

For those of you that remember the ill-fated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a great number of my fellow younglings may recall a certain Sean Connery playing a hero to which they had little or no knowledge of.

Allan Quartermain, the hero-in-question, was a Victorian adventure hero who was essentially the British Empire’s version of Indiana Jones…taking into account, of course, that he predates Jones by a great many years. He was a true man’s man of the Empire—loved nature, enjoyed his gun, and did his darndest to support colonial efforts in Africa. Not sure that would be taken so kindly today.

As old as Quartermain may be, however, he’s clearly showing some resiliency to the test of time, as he is once again set to claim the center stage. With Sam Worthington set to play the man himself, DreamWorks is setting up a movie just for him. Of course, they’re taking a bit of creative liberty with the material, and it’s not exactly relying on any of the old books for details. Think sci-fi reinvisioning.

...to Worthington. Quartermain gets around.

The plot? Essentially, Quartermain returns to Earth after a few romps in space, only to be drawn into a hunt for a lost friend, hidden treasure, and an adventure he’ll never forget. I would think Earth would be a little boring for the guy after Mr. 18th century hit up the space scene—but what do I know?

Regardless, I’m sure Worthington is hoping his performance in this one will help us all forget that dreaded horror known as Clash of the Titans. Plus, it will be a chance to showcase his full range of skills: lots of shouting and grunting, perchance with a dash or two of heroic freeze-frames  against a sun-setting backdrop. The man may have become a legend from his role in Avatar, but let’s be honest, he’s got some damage control to do.

Now let’s just hope this time around he’s not touting a tunic as short as the one in Clash of the Titans. Yikes.

~ by Chris G. on May 14, 2010.

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