So we meet again, Mr. Cage

As if word of another Nutty Professor sequel wasn’t enough to whet your appetites, ladies and gents, it would seem yet another bad sequel’s looming on the horizon. This time the culprit/star of the show is Nicholas Cage.

I have never been the biggest Nicholas Cage fan, and he’s only getting worse with age. He churns out movies at a Stephen King-like rate, with poor plots, poorer scripts, and terrible acting trailing along for the ride. He also has a horrid tendency toward action flicks—and he just isn’t the action sort of guy.

This time around it may not be his fault, though. Disney has never been one to let things die, either.

Regardless, Cage seems set to return to theaters in Christmas 2011 with the third movie in his National Treasure series. What’s more surprising is that it’s maintaining a cult following—and a lot of people are getting all excited to see it.

Go figure. I had thought the thing ran out of steam after the first one. Don’t get me wrong. The first one was cute, and it sincerely made a fun for the whole family-style action adventure piece. It mingled comedy with action and made for a good running balance, bolstered by Sean Bean as the loveable bad guy. The second one lost whatever glamour the first one had. Indeed, it showed the limits of the story: entertaining the first time around, tedious to stretch it any further.

But the movie’s director John Turtletaub told reporters that shooting for the latest sequel is to start later this fall/early winter…though he may not even have a script yet. Because that always turns out well.

~ by Chris G. on May 20, 2010.

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