Because 2-D Jack Sparrow wasn’t enough…

I know what you’re thinking. Please Chris, please, board that ship and lead us down the plank of juicy details on Jack Sparrow. We can never get enough of the Sparrow.

Well, calm down everyone, as a matter of fact, I do have a little update for Disney’s upcoming high seas travesty. If you recall, I mentioned the casting a month or so ago, and all that undoubtedly entails. Of course, there’s also the potential issue of director Rob Marshall. Marshall’s been known previously for his work with musicals, but the man has no experience with action films—and the Pirates films do like their action.

But he’s not the issue at hand. This week, I have word of the shooting.

Since the success of Avatar everyone’s been scrambling to embrace the 3-D, hoping to capitalize on what’s been perceived as the latest big-time money maker. Disney, not being one to shirk an extra buck or two, has announced its intent to give us the latest Pirates film all in 3-D as well. Unlike Clash of the Titans, however, this one’s actually going to be filmed in 3-D, rather than ground into it later. It should help the picture, if not the movie itself.

Even so, I’m sure the crowds will still come pouring out on opening day to shell out the extra cash for their 3-D treat. Shininess does tend to trump story value, in many people’s eyes.

~ by Chris G. on May 22, 2010.

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