What’s Inception got in store?

With every new trailer and preview, my interest in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Inception is growing.

The majority have been adept at keeping just what is going on shrouded in secrecy and extended moments of “WTF”? Little tidbits of plot keep leaking through, but only just enough to lend the feeling that this strange little item isn’t going to be able to be summed up in a couple minutes of highlight reels. We still know next to nothing about it, and I can’t say the steady unraveling of the mystery on this one are making it any less intriguing. With every taste, it leaves a growing hunger for more, and a growing appreciation for just how delightfully bizarre Nolan’s mind must be.

As far as one can see the nature of the game is dreams and it’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s job to have a look inside their mystery, though to exactly what ends remains a bit of mystery. Suffice to say, it must be something epic, though, given the numbers of crumbling cities, twisting rooms, and free-falling bodies twisting through the dazzling depths of a world that may, or may not, be all in someone’s head.

This week, another piece of the puzzle’s been released, in the form of the movie’s new posters. There are seven in total, hinting at some of the roles the various actors will be playing. For some, like DiCaprio, it just reinforces what the trailers have already taught us: whatever his exact job may be, he’s there to get inside people’s heads. For others, it just raises more questions. The Shade? The Tourist? What more does Nolan have in store for us?

I think over the month to come, we will undoubtedly learn a little more about what is shaping up to be a cerebral mind-fuck. If it continues along the lines it has been, though, this should be one memorable movie. Dark Knight proved what Nolan can do—let’s hope he’s still got some more creativity to go around. Whatever the case, July 16’s set to be the moment of truth.

Here’s a few of the recently released posters:

~ by Chris G. on May 26, 2010.

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