Bloom tries swashbuckling on dry land

The novel The Three Musketeers has spawned countless movies over the years, from small budget to big budget, comical, dramatic, and even musical. Paul W.S. Anderson will soon be bringing yet another take on the classic tale to the already swamped stage, however, and the latest news has Orlando Bloom now added to the cast.

While this probably fulfills his swashbuckling quota for the new year, the announcement comes with two bizarre little twists to it. For one thing, he’s not one of the Musketeers. Furthermore, if his own musings are any inclination, it looks like he’s set to play a bad guy. An unusual choice. The man’s in a lot of movies, but it’s kind of hard picturing him as a big bad. Given that the cast of bad guys is already stacked with such efficient baddies as Christoph Waltz and Mads Mikkelsen as well, it’s doubtful he’ll have much of a starring role. Therein lies another oddity. Bloom isn’t exactly one for bit parts.

Supposedly, he is set to play the Duke of Buckingham. If Anderson’s made the Duke a villain, it would certainly be a twist off the original story. For that matter, to make him anything but a minor inconvenience would be seriously bizarre. In the novel, his sole role is to sleep with the queen and getting the greater events in motion. So unless they expand his role a bit, Orlando’s going to come and gone in no time flat, though many of his fangirls will undoubtedly appreciate his role of “sexing up the ladies.”

The rest of the cast, at present, consists of: Logan Lerman, Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans, and Matthew Macfadyen as the Musketeers; Christoph Waltz as the vile Cardinal Richelieu; and Mads Mikkelsen as…some other bad guy.

The quality of the movie itself is still up for debate, though. For all the shapings of an excellent cast, it should be remembered that it is being made by the man that gave us not only Mortal Kombat, but also DOA the movie, and all those Resident Evil…things.

~ by Chris G. on May 27, 2010.

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