Del Toro bows out

Goodness. You step out for a weekend and look what happens. The whole movie world starts getting crazy. Oh yes, I was gone. Sorry I didn’t call, or write, but just so no one questions, I was out gallivanting in the mountains for the last few days, checking out the scenery and visiting with family. Terribly fun. But I know, bad Chris, don’t you know you’re supposed to stay indoors and do geeky things? Well, I’ll get right on that, and to start us off, I have terrible news one of the most anticipated projects currently in Hollywood:

Guillermo del Toro

It may be a while now before Hobbit fans see their furry-footed little friends return to the big screen. If ever.

Despite all the planning and pre-gaming that’s already been put into it, and the fact that Guillermo del Toro helped to write its present script, del Toro announced this weekend that he was resigning as director of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Visions of so much beautiful and fantastical artwork, as well as truly monstrous dragons have begun to fade. Supposedly he’s going to be still on hand for the movie, but in a much smaller way. What that entails as yet is anyone’s guess.

The blow is an especially deep one for MGM, which has had to kill other projects and repeatedly shift priorities as it sinks further into bankruptcy. It may hurt them worst, however, to know that they caused del Toro’s departure. Their bankruptcy has repeatedly delayed filming of The Hobbit, and del Toro cited the delays as his reason for having to depart, calling it “the hardest decision of my life.”

Of course, you can’t really blame the guy. When he began working on The Hobbit, things were looking great. He got to go and hang out with Peter Jackson and crew, immerse himself in the intricacies of Tolkien’s world, and work to pull epic fantasy onto the big screen. Then came MGM’s legal troubles—legal troubles that just keep going on and on. Legal troubles that may very well end them.

Peter Jackson remains optimistic, saying the project isn’t dead, but the mind-boggling fact of the matter is that despite the chaotic upset, he still has no intention of directing. He is the logical choice. I mean, he did direct the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and to great critical acclaim, so it’s anyone’s guess why he refuses to do this one.

Supposing this one actually does peter out into nothingness (and believe me, I’ll be snarling right alongside the Hobbit fans if that happens), we at least know this won’t be the first time for Jackson. Anyone remember a little project called Halo, the movie? Jackson was producing that one, too. Unfortunately, it too met with delay after delay, and despite cries from Microsoft to the contrary, has essentially died at this point. Jackson had refused to step into the director’s role there, as well. If he had, he might have saved it. If there was anything to save.

Hopefully he won’t make the same mistake twice.

~ by Chris G. on June 2, 2010.

One Response to “Del Toro bows out”

  1. oh, I hope the project isn’t dead! I’d be so upset if it is and so will Tolkien fans all over the world, I’m sure. I wonder why PJ won’t direct? I mean he’s perfect for the job!

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