New Scott Pilgrim Trailer

Monday saw the release of a new trailer for one of the most anticipated movies coming to theaters this summer.

Personally, I’m not sure what to think of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I’m not the biggest Michael Cera fan (at least, not in a leading role). This one has a strong weird factor that tends to draw you in, though—an independent comic styling fraught with flashing colors and an absolutely bizarre plot. Whether that’s good or bad, though, remains to be seen—things that look this bizarre can really only go one of two ways. Either it’s going to be amazing, or this is going to crash and burn alongside so many other failed comedies.

The plot? Michael Cera’s a rocker who meets the girl of his dreams. But the girl has a bit of baggage—seven extremely evil exes that are apparently out for blood. His blood, to be specific. Don’t let the seemingly simple plot lead you astray, though—the battle is set to be fraught with aerial duels, flaming swords, and Batman-esque “POW!”s.

Previous trailers have pretty much showcased all these gems already, but the release of the movie’s full length trailer adds a few more. Watch the trailer below for an explanation of the dangers of bread, and a look at Cera’s dream girl’s experimentation with her own gender:

~ by Chris G. on June 3, 2010.

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