You can’t kill The Crow!

The Original Crow

Bloody hell, I thought it was long dead, but apparently that crow has swept back in to raise another dead series back to unwanted life. A re-envisioning of the 1994 movie The Crow, which was itself an adaptation of a comic book by James O’Barr, has just finished scripting.

Director Stephen Norrington is the brains behind this one. He also has a history with it, having had a hand in the production of the original. Unfortunately, between the original and this, there have been four other, unbelievably terrible sequels that have served to smash any interest one might have in the movie. Plus, this one will suffer from the same major flaw each of the others inherently possessed (among many, many others)—it’s sans Brandon Lee, due to the inconvenience of death.

Furthering the divide between this and the original, Norrington has highlighted the fact that this new Crow will not be taking place in the urban crawl—at least not for the entire thing. Instead, it’s picking up shop and heading to the Mexican border for a bit, which will make the triumphant return to the dark, gloomy landscape of the original all the sweeter when it comes. At least in theory.

The story follows (or followed), a resurrected rocker and his quest for vengeance. Now we must question if that is set to change at all, what with the drastic change of scenery. Perhaps we’ll switch grunge rocker out for some undead version of Grupo Climax’s Oscar Lobo, or some sort of zombie mariachi.

Either way, regardless of how much producer Edward Pressman works to highlight the differences between this and the original, I think we can safely say it will be an uphill battle for him. The time for the Crow, if it ever had one, is long past. It died with Brandon Lee on the set of the original, and all those…things…between now and then have simply served to beat the series to death with a bat. Best of luck, but don’t hold your breath.

More mirror punching is on the way.

~ by Chris G. on June 7, 2010.

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