Reynolds and Bullock are Most Wanted

“Now that we’ve done that, can we please go back to normal?”

The Kiss!

Remember the MTV Movie Awards? Well, okay, maybe not—I know I didn’t watch them. Personal preference: I try not to watch MTV whenever possible. At least, not until they stop broadcasting The Hills.

If you did watch them, though, you may remember Sandra Bullock jokingly hinting that she was over my gender with a fake kiss to Scarlett Johansson. Hey, if Scarlett Jo’s down for it, I know the rest of the world would be.

Regardless, though, Bullock’s apparently already back on the male band wagon. In fact, she’s given up the Jo-love for Jo’s husband–teaming up once again with Ryan Reynolds, for yet another romantic comedy. Given the success of The Proposal, then I’m sure it will mint them a pretty gem or two.

The new movie, known as Most Wanted, unfortunately seems to be going along a similar vein as the terribly clichéd Bounty Hunter (which, coincidentally, the world is still trying to forget). Reynolds is set to star as an FBI agent charged with escorting criminal Sandra Bullock to court. Low and behold, some bad guys show up en route to the courthouse and put both Reynolds and Bullock on the run, leading to action, hilarity, and, most importantly, love.

Heard this one before? Don’t worry, we all have. There’s potential for it to be more than a mere rom-com, and the comedy itself could be good, if Reynolds is in one of his “on” moments, but I don’t see this played out tale going anywhere special.

It will still probably do well in theaters, though, regardless of the quality. Hollywood churns out these rom-coms at break neck speed, to disturbingly successful effect. I don’t like what it says about the populace, but I also don’t see the trend breaking anytime soon…

~ by Chris G. on June 8, 2010.

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