Joker’s Disappearing Act

For those of you sitting on pins and needles in anticipation of news as to whether or not the Joker will be making an appearance in Batman 3, your fears (or hopes) can now be put to rest.

In an interview with Empire Magazine last week, Christopher Nolan announced that no, in fact, the Joker will not make an appearance in Batman 3 in any form. Still no news on when that gem will actually be coming, or who actually will be in it, but for Heath Ledger fans, this is probably a relief. This means that Ledger’s Joker, which earned him a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2009, will remain forever immortalized by his depiction.

I, for one, think it is a good thing. While Batman fans may argue for the need for a Joker character, I think at this point whoever we might get to replace Ledger would be a sad replacement. Joker’s depiction was masterfully done. New blood would change the character, in however small or large a way, and dull the image that Ledger left behind. Leaving it as is leaves a lasting monument to the actor’s prowess.

Plus, it allows Nolan to showcase some of the other Batman villains, of which there are many. One or two might even survive more than a single movie.

And, in a lasting memento to Ledger, the infamous “disappearing pencil” trick:

~ by Chris G. on June 12, 2010.

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