E3: Day One–sort of

Welcome to day one of E3!

But not really. The conference officially starts tomorrow, but today was still packed with a lot of new content and exciting unveils for a pre-game. Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft all gave press conferences, featuring a variety of new games and new products, just itching and ready to have someone playing them.

Rather than go through everything piecemeal, I’m going about this sort of like a highlights reel, for space’s sake. So here’s the scoop:

First up: Microsoft

  1. The big news first: PROJECT NATAL made its debut today, and it was the talk of the town. Amidst a huge showing from Microsoft execs, the project’s potential was shown off through dancing, animals, and yoga. Definitely playing to the family and broader market environments. Impressive showing, set a due date too: should see it make its grand appearance come November. Also, it’s been renamed “Kinect.” How cute.
  2. Alan Wake announced the first of its DLC already, which is just as well, since the game was pathetically short for something that took the better part of a decade to birth. The fact that they’d charge us money for it though is laughable.
  3. Homefront released a new trailer, and despite the sheer absurdity of the plot, the game is coming along nicely. Definitely one of the most anticipated on the E3 list. This one looks like it will be a very satisfying, and thrilling action bout. Plus, it makes you want to start screaming “Wolverines!” every time you see it.
  4. COD: Black Ops really delivered. The game is looking stunning, and that fact was showcased with hands-on-gameplay opportunities and actual gameplay trailers. Very satisfying. Also, they topped the presentation off with a remix trailer for it using an Eminem song. The horror.
  5. Metal Gear Solid: Rising debuted with its first trailer…at the Microsoft Press Conference. Oh dears. Sony fan-drama threatens to consume us all.
  6. Peter Molyneux, master of hyping, unveiled Fable 3, and it’s looking shiny. Plus: Pirates.
  7. Halo: Reach has been thoroughly unveiled now. Because it wouldn’t be Microsoft without a Halo game. Just remember: this is supposedly the last one! Ha. I’ll believe that one when I see it.
  8. Gears of War 3—more grunting, more grinding, and loads more blood. Another unveil, and one that looked grotesquely satisfying.
  9. A new game, Codename Kingdoms, is on its way. It looks like it’s going to be blood-filled, and potentially ancient. The trailer told little, other than there’s going to be corpses and guys with swords. It will be the first game by Crytek on the Xbox 360, so it should be interesting to see what they come up with.
  10. In the latest continuation of the unlimited number of video games the popular fantasy series has spawned, LOTR: War in the North made its debut via trailer, and the CG at least, is looking very cool, though little remains known about the game itself.
  11. Microsoft showed off the latest version of the Xbox 360, and it’s looking slim, touting wifi and a 250gig memory. Plus, everyone there got one for free. Talk about an Oprah moment. Lucky jerks.

Next up: EA.


Dead Space. Dead Space. Dead Space.

…Dead Space. That about sums it up. Oh, and Active Sports 2, but that’s almost inconsequential now isn’t it? They always have sports games…

EA didn’t miss the opportunity to push the upcoming sequel to Visceral’s popular space horror extravaganza: Dead Space. Our look at it was short, but thoroughly action-packed. It showed off new guns, new sites, and new monsters ready and waiting to eat players’ faces off.

Oh yeah, and the game has a release date now: Jan. 25, 2011. Giggidy.

Last but not least: Ubisoft

Ghosts, Rabbids, a little skateboarding on the side and…what the hell is that? A laser tag video game? What the hell is wrong with you people? Trying to get most of the Ubisoft conference out of my mind and…

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Ezio’s back and ready to shank, but this time, he’s brought buddies.

That’s right boys and girls, this time around the series is getting a first in the form of multiplayer, which means potential for coordinated assassinations and more creative mass death dealing. The game itself is going to be a stand-alone expansion to Assassin’s Creed 2, with a new single player storyline.

Fairly disappointing conference, but Assassin’s Creed is looking good.

And my oh my, seperate from the other conferences, I give to you, the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. In it, you get to see grunts actually being semi-effective against force-wielders, and of course, a lot of general badassery. This is one to keep your eye on.

~ by Chris G. on June 14, 2010.

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