The Kevin Butler Inspirational

Everybody’s trying to get an edge over everyone else in the gaming business. Fact of life. Fact of E3: pretty much everyone’s showing off hints of games to catch your interest and wet your appetite. Acceptable, even encouraged. Sony’s Press Conference yesterday (which I neglected to mention in last night’s post–do forgive me) was largely remarkable, however for another approach, largely in the form of bringing Kevin Butler up on stage to speak for them.

All Sony seemed to use him for, though, was to bash the other companies. Real classy.

Thank you kindly Sony, but please, do give us something of actual worth. When you spend your time blasting your enemies, it’s just a waste of time. Show us the products, thank you very much, and feel free to toot your own horn, but leave the critiques of your rivals to the public. You just focus on making good games.

~ by Chris G. on June 16, 2010.

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