E3: Day 2

Busy day. Busy, busy day. The second day of E3 was one filled with demos, which is of course what everyone comes to E3 to see. Shiny’s nice, but a little hands-on time always goes a long way. This isn’t to say they had run out of announcements, though—there were a number of games making their debuts yesterday, with trailer goodness for anyone interested in having a look.

But remember rule number one of gaming this year: everything’s in 3D.

Seriously, everything’s in 3D. Even Final Fantasy XIV (which, come on, if it’s going to be anything, we know it’s going to be pretty), which debuted Wednesday, is going to be dazzling the public with 3D delight when it releases on the Ps3 and PC later this year. It’s also apparently going to be online, and day 2 offered anyone interested the chance to see their new character creation screens. As usual, this latest installment of the FF series is completely distinct from all others before it, so if you’re missing Lightning and her band of miscreants, sorry fellows, you’re out of luck.

Demos included delightful screen time with Gears of War 3, Bodycount, Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2, Fallout: New Vegas, DJ Hero 2, the new Medal of Honor game, and Dead Space 2. EA even took it a step further with Dead Space: they actually had someone dressed up as their protagonist, Mr. Isaac Clarke, to come and show off to people. Of course, he didn’t do much talking—silent protagonist and all—but the game he brought with him was looking every bit the brutal space shooter we remember. Plus, there’s expanded zero-g segments, with supposedly full 360 movement, which I am definitely looking forward to…and Isaac has jets. Yeah.

Even the discovery channel’s flooding the gaming market these days, though. Man v. Wild and Deadliest Catch are both debuting with their own video games…though I really can’t see these being anything impressive. Oh boy, you get to man your own ship! – and fish. Say what?

Racing fans will be pleased to see the new trailer out for Gran Turismo 5, which is soon to be hitting gamers with flash and style. Silent Hill 8 also made its debut, with a trailer that brings players once more back into the foreboding clutches of the titular town of demonic evil—this time, you’re a convict! Oh the possibilities.

And as for movies, we know if Hollywood’s got a new one coming out, they certainly can’t pass up a video game parallel to draw in those extra bucks. THE LAST AIRBENDER showed off its style Wednesday, without the hands of M. Night Shyamalan coming anywhere near it…though it is based on his movie, so I suppose indirectly…

New announcements included Rift: Planes of Telara, a game about a bunch of planeswalkers, it would seem, that decide the gods aren’t doing their jobs properly. End of Nations (apocalyptic gaming, oh my!) and Warriors: Legends of Troy (oh Helen, you dirty, dirty slut) were also on hand to add to the wackiness.

Another new game included MMO DC UNIVERSE ONLINE…because with the success of City of Heroes, the comic industry just couldn’t stay away. Side with the heroes or aid the villains, at your whim.

Revitalized classics included a heap of new Wii games, such as Kirby’s Epic Yarn (yes, now he has yarn), Rush ‘n Attack (for anyone that remembers that NES gem), Tron, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Tron looks like Tron always bloody does…lots of glamor, with little substance. Rush ‘n Attack looks to be an entertaining 3D side-scroller, and Castlevania makes me drool a little. Oh how I long to be back stabbing vampires soon. It even has Patrick Stewart narrating.

Dead Rising 2 also offered demos, showing off the zombie apocalypse in Las Vegas. Slot machines and all. And it is looking good, with plenty of death-dealing options for your ambitious zombie hunt. (Between that and Fallout, though, Vegas sure is getting picked on a lot this year.)

Just one more day boys and girls—what will the final chapter hold?

~ by Chris G. on June 17, 2010.

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